Monday, March 26, 2007

Move it Program!

Okay, I usually do not stray to far from the Batman and Star Wars scene. Usually when I do it's for a Classic Star Trek item, A cool 12" G.I. Joe, or a Mr. Potato Head. So now having said that I give you Tron! Okay not Tron exactly but a Warrior from the Movie Tron. I remember these when they came out and always wanted one. Then the reproductions came out not to long ago for the Anniversary DVD release, and I looked and looked for one in the stores ( I did find an actual Tron figure, and bought him) I ended up just getting the Tron and the DVD.

Well while I was trying to thin out my collection a bit and make room in my office on E-bay, low and behold I found one of the reproductions at a really decent price and bought it. Two steps forward and one back I guess. Now you're probably saying one of two things, one " so what?" or two "Why not get an original one if your buying on E-bay?" Well to answer the later of the two, the reproductions are just as nice, less expensive, and I found one. Plus being a reproduction I won't feel as bad freeing this warrior from his carded prison, and setting him up next to my computer to guard against rouge programs. I snapped a few shots of the packaged item though because I really dig the vintage style package, and in the future I'll drop some open pics on the blog for everyone's enjoyment.

Now I think I'll fire up the ol' DVD and watch me some 80's Computer Animation at it's best. Dee Do Do Do, Dee Do Do Do...

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