Monday, April 30, 2007

Stormtrooper of the week: Part 8

This is a random pack in "hologram" piece from the Hasbro 2006 Saga Collection Line of action figures. It's basically a little bonus piece of plastic that resembles the little holograms used throughout the movies. You could get one of twelve different hologram figures packed with your action figure from this series in either red or blue. Here is the red one of a Stormtrooper. Kind of a nice little pose, I often thought about having my son take one of these and paint it with all his War Hammer paints in the correct colors, he's a much more skilled model painter than I could ever be.

I lucked out when I would buy figures from this line as most of the time the little hologram was a character I liked, or that there where enough of a certain figure on the shelves that I could flip over and look on the back of the package to see what hologram I was going to get. I know that takes the fun out of random extras, but if Hasbro really wanted it to be random they would have not packaged the hologram figure in a little see through bubble on the back would they?

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