Thursday, May 31, 2007

1966 Batmobile!!!

Just a quick post (sorry about the photo quality). As my wife and I were hitting the local grocery store for supplies to keep us going as we do some demo. I wandered down the toy isle and stopped at the Hot Wheels section. I picked this up and stood there for a few minutes in disbelief. I really never thought I would see one of these in person, except at high price, scalper's tables at the local toy shows, and then I wouldn't purchase from them because I wouldn't want to support them.

Well here I stood in a grocery store with my 98¢ prize, my wife found me wandering around with this cheesy grin and a somewhat dazed look on my face... I told her I was still in shock from the washing machine flood.


Legions Of Gotham said...

Nice find. I actually just found this one myself at a Super Target...I had looked and looked to no avail and then BAM..there it was! I will treasure it always.

Jay Amabile said...

I paid 10 bucks on it on ebay...what a rip. $0.98!!! wow.