Friday, May 4, 2007

Flip'n Yoda

Bill, eclectorama's resident proof reader and now contributer, has donated this find to the archives of eclectorama. This is from the Burger King Star Wars promotion a few years back. I remember trying a couple times to score some really cool toys from this promotion, but after a couple times through the drive up window and not getting any of the cool swag I was trying for at the time I gave up. Plus I'm sure I did my heart well by cutting my losses and moving on from another junk food for toys binge.

Fast forward to now, and Bill finding himself at a garage sale finds this little sweet Yoda that when wound up does a flip. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for wind up toys. There is something so basic yet fun about winding these things up and watching them do their stuff, no batteries required!

Bill also picked up another one of my favorite characters from the original films, but he is going to have to wait for a future post to be revealed.

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Jay Amabile said...

i agree that this yoda BK toy was the best of that series. The flipping motion actually works and is awesome. I wound up getting and selling most of the collection on ebay. I kept this one and a few choice others such as Han in carbonite. I think the key for the tie in toys is to actually go in the restaraunt and ask them for the ones you need...acting desperate may help too! haha