Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's Astroboy!

Some more Kubricks goodness on Tuesday! I picked this Kubricks up from one of the most awesome, back alley, toy shops in Hong Kong! I was finishing up my shopping in this little (and by little I mean about the length and width of a full size pickup truck) shop when I spotted this Kubricks by the cashier.

I topped off my purchases with Astroboy here, and made my way to the second most awesome, back alley, toy shop in Hong Kong, which was right across the alley.

For those of you who are going "who's Astroboy?", he was a Manga character created by Tezuka Osamu in the 50's that later became a television show in the 60's. Considered by many to be the birth of Anime (Japanese Animation). Japan knows him by his name Mighty Atom, but either way it's a fun little comic / cartoon. I would recommend checking out the reprinted stuff from Dark Horse or maybe tracking down some of his cartoons.

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