Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mego Knock-Offs Assemble!

I am totally digging these new Signature Series Figures from Hasbro. These are a continuation of sorts of their previous line of "mego like" figures that featured DC characters. This time around it's Marvel that's getting the retro retread treatment. I like these because they remind me of Megos back in the day and I finally get a chance to get characters that I didn't get back then.

So far Hasbro has churned out a pretty good number of these things starting with Spider-Man, Black Costume Spider-Man, Doc Oct, and the Green Goblin. The second series featured Captain America, Wolverine, Dare Devil, and Iron Spider-Man (from the Civil War story arc). Somewhere in between they did a couple of Target exclusives of First Appearance Spider-Man and the Punisher. That's just the Marvel characters!

More recently they produced a Cyclops figure and rumor has it a Sandman figure will make an appearance soon. My hopes are high that this line continues strong into the future, but by the looks of Hasbro's spotty distribution of these and the series trickling down to just one figure per release, I'm afraid it might be the DC line all over again. I hope I'm wrong on this one.

My goal has been so far to get one of every one of these toys Marvel and DC. So far I've been pretty good about picking these up, to date I am missing only a couple of the DC figures, hopefully Ebay will turn up these at decent prices.


rob! said...

there's a bunch of 'em at my local Target. which ones do you need?

chunky B said...

I have all the Marvel to date, but on the DC side (which has long been out of production) There's a Superman that comes with his alter ego's clothes, and a Blue Superman that was a KB exclusive (I'm was never really too keen on this version). That's it, but unless your Target has stock from about four years ago hanging around I think I'm stuck with e-bay.

By the way you know I grabed the Aquaman version as soon as I saw it back then!