Monday, May 21, 2007

SOTW: Part 11

This week's Stormtrooper is part of the Hasbro 2007 Star Wars Unleashed sets that are hitting stores nation wide as we speak. It took me a while to find a set that I liked, because this line seems to suffer from lousy paint applications. Even the set that I finally settled on had some areas that did not look to great. These come four figures per package and each figure is about 1.5" to about 2.5" in height.

The Unleashed line was originally thought up as characters in extreme poses, and had been a popular seller at their original height of about eight inches per figure. Each would come with a detailed base and they turned out being more of a little statue that an action figure. These newer battle sets are smaller in scale than the original line and the extreme poses seem more realistic in nature now and are generally more of a "troop builder" sort of collectable. For those not in the know, a troop builder is a term that applies to a collector that purchases several of the same figure to build an army, sort of like the miniature collectors of the older hand painted army soldiers.

Speaking of army soldiers these guys remind me of those little green army men, what I wouldn't have given back in 78' for a army of little plastic Stormtroopers to take on my green and tan army men. Though you could get a lot of army men for the price of one of these four packs, man how times have changed.

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