Monday, June 18, 2007


This is International Rescue calling... we are on our way! Thunderbird Five could be considered the the eyes and ears of International Rescue. An orbiting space station whose mission is to monitor the communications of the entire world, filtering out the most dangerous of situations and dispatching the Thunderbirds to the proper coordinates.

These Illustrations come from the Ravette Books Thunderbirds in Space title published in 1992. The cover artist is Steve Kyte, who not only gives us a cool view of Thunderbird 5, but a beauty shot of Thunderbird 3 as it passes the station. Other artists that worked on this collection of Thunderbirds stories were Fran Bellamy and Graham Bleathman. Which brings me to one of the great centerfold specification pages by Graham Bleathman that are present throughout the book.

This view of Thunderbird 5 gives us a wonderful cutaway shot of the space station complete with an item list and descriptions. Another cool bit of information is that while checking Mr. Bleathman's website out, there is a link to purchase some of his original work for this series of books, as well as some of his other work on some of the other Gerry Anderson properties.

I came upon this book when our local comic shop was clearing out it's back issue bins and had several tables on the sidewalk with all issues marked at 50 cents each. I found this title buried in with some Star Trek and other Sci-Fi titles and picked up mainly for the great illustrations.

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