Monday, June 11, 2007

Rise of the Silver Surfer!

In honor of the upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. I'm going to post a few Silver Surfer goodies! It goes without saying that if Batman is my favorite DC Comics character, then Silver Surfer is my top, if not favorite, Marvel character (I mean everyone loves Spider-man, that's a given).

I have been waiting for the Silver Surfer to make a screen appearance since I first saw Terminator 2, I knew right then that the technology existed to bring my favorite Marvel to life. I will admit that I wanted him to star in his own movie, but he did start out in the pages of Fantastic Four so it's only fitting.

Well since I haven't been able to locate any "new" Silver Surfer merch in my neck of the woods, and the budget is tighter, I thought I would feature some old classics. to start things off is a Kubricks Silver Surfer form the Japanese company Medicom. If you remember I have had Kubricks on the blog before, so it should be no surprise that this guy would be making an appearance sooner or later. Maybe it is a surprise, because I haven't really spoken about the Surfer of the Skies before this post. Anyway in true Kubricks form, Silver Surfer here has been shrunk and "cutiefied" along with his trusty board. Kubricks are known mainly as being a "Blind Assortment" toy. This means that in a series of say Marvel characters, you might know who is in the series, but until you open the box, you do not know who you are getting. This can also be called trading figures, the theory being that if you get two Silver Surfers you can trade one off for another character. Kind of makes it fun in my opinion.

One thing that I like about this figure is the foot peg on the board, it really makes "flying" him around the studio easier, keeps him from falling off. Come on I know all three of my readers at one point or the other has pretended his Batman could swing in from the tops of buildings, Aquaman is out swimming a school of barracuda, or even his Marvel Legends are waging battles all over the place. No? Oh well I guess I'm the only one that plays with his toys.

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