Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tiny Bat Toys!

Here's a quick little post. Another from the 1989 Batman franchise. These are from the three piece set of Batman Movie toys produced by Ertl for the 1989 Batman movie. Featuring the movie Batplane, Batmobile, and Joker Van. I had picked these up at the same time as my Ertl Batmobile, but what I always thought was cool was the size of all of these. Each could fit on a quarter!

Firestorm, from yesterday's post, has agreed to lend a hand and demonstrate the size by standing in to give scale. Firestorm again is about 3 3/4 inches in height. These could be toys for toys!

These are really inexpensive, even today you can find these for less than a buck, but a buck well spent for a set of fun, pocket sized, Batman goodness!


Legions Of Gotham said...


I LOVE these micro vehicles. I have them in the package still and loose. I also picked up some great micro sets in the late 90s..a batmobile movie collection and some animated Batman sets.

chunky B said...

I picked up a set from Hasbro that had the Batman Movie, Forever, and Animated Batmobiles all with little opening canopies. I opened them up of course. I do have a set of these in the package though. At one time there was a clearance store selling these sets for a quarter and I picked up a few to give to some friends that had missed them the first time.