Thursday, June 21, 2007


Now we're talking this is my favorite Thunderbird, Thunderbird 2. This, to me, is the backbone of International Rescue. This is another part of the Carlton toy company, 2000, Electronic Box Set, and the main reason I purchased the set. I loved the Dinky Toy version of this ship, but for some reason I only found blue ones here in the States when I was a kid. For those that don't know, in the show Thunderbird 2 was this big, green machine. So when I saw this set I had to get it to finally get a green Thunderbird 2.

Thunderbird 2 is the "Cargo Plane" of the Thunderbirds. It's main mission is to get equipment where it is needed fast. Once on the location it hovers in for a landing and these giant legs raise the craft so the pod door can drop and the equipment can roll out. Why the pod? Simple, at Thunderbird Headquarters there are a few different pods lined up on a conveyor, so when an emergency comes across the wires for say a fire, all you do is load the firefighting pod and everything is ready to go. Need to rescue miners trapped underground, you load the Mole's pod, a tunneling craft, water calls for the Thunderbird 4 pod, and so forth. Thunderbird 2 is the ultimate in organization.

Along with phrases from the show, this Thunderbird 2 comes with one pod,Thunderbird 4, and the Mole. Working landing gear and pod door finish of a pretty nice toy. This was my first experience with Carlton toys, they do make a pretty solid toy that has good amount of play value, plus it's a cool reminder of my old, long lost Dinky Toys Thunderbird 2.

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