Friday, July 20, 2007

Freebie Friday!

Just a little update for Freebie Friday. The Spider-Man Handbook, given to me by a friend for just doing some design work and helping get some stuff sourced for print. I have a couple of these books (The Batman Handbook and a Robot Survival Guide), all are pretty fun reads. Not meant to be serious, but written in the style of an instruction manual, also includes some pretty nice illustrations.

It is my understanding that the subjects in the book are researched some and this would be somewhat accurate if the hero was based in reality, still it's all tongue and cheek, I wouldn't really try to leap from a skyscraper and swing to safety using the flag pole or awning. This book has some great sections though on "How to build a web shooter" and "How to develop your Spider Sense". I'll be swinging around town in no time.

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