Monday, July 30, 2007

The many, the proud, the clones!

This weeks SOTW (Stormtrooper Of The Week) is from a fold out magazine printed back in 1981. Star Wars was old news as Empire Strikes Back had made it's splash, and this tabloid was there with all the fact and fiction from both movies. I remember pouring over this magazine for hours, it is full of interesting little tidbits from that galaxy far, far away. This thing was referenced several times, and came in handy when arguing the fine points of the Empire's weaponry. I also remember liking the layout of the magazine, huh, little designer in the making.

There are actually two sections about the Stormtroopers, one a little blurb mixed in with the other weapons and fighting forces of the Empire, and this one that is actually an article by Anthony Fredrickson about the clone soldiers of the Empire. I remember thinking this was a pretty cool concept (actually seeing it realized on the screen years later with the prequels shot that all to hell). The article talks about the origin, training, promotion, and even retirement!

"As they get older, they are assigned to light duties: training, communications, stores. Eventually they are sent to the Troopers' Rest camp on the holiday planet of Sochi..."

I can see it now a "postquel", Nap time on Sochi or Retirement of the Clones!

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