Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's Bossk!

Another of the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection, Bossk here is really a neat representation of this character. The usual detail and articulation that you've come to expect from this sub line of Star Wars figures, Bossk does not disappoint either of these department.

Bossk is the one character from my vintage collection that I did seek out to buy from a toy show while in college, see my son and nephew beheaded my original Bossk when they were young. Something that I still to this day remind them of. Boba Fett was next in line before I stepped in. They would have had very different lives if the Fett man had fallen that day. Anyway, I always considered Bossk Boba Fett's equal, though the comics make him out to be more of a nemesis, and not to good of a bounty hunter either. Even though, as a kid, Boba and Bossk were always inseparable in my mind.

I still see these hanging around on the shelves, and I still say if I was going to get one figure out of the set this would be the one. This is by far the ultimate version of Bossk.


rob! said...

as a kid buying these for the first time, the Bounty Hunters were my favorite characters to collect. this Bossk sculpt is friggin' phenomenal!

chunky B said...

I know I sat looking at this one compared to the Bossk of our day, the sculpt and detail are insane.

megomuseum said...

I was obsessed with the bounty hunters as a kid, centering on Bossk. Pretty funny considering he gets so much screen time.

chunky B said...

Boba Fett is my all time fav, Bossk a close second. Though when everyone starting digging the Fett man, he became less special.