Thursday, September 27, 2007

JLU Update

And the roster continues to grow! So this past weekend did not only yield a Sand Man from the Signature Series, but a Dr. Light from the JLU! I had actually been watching her collect dust on the pegs in a TRU (Toys R Us) for a little while, they had a sale, so I moved in. Which is not my normal MO for JLU figures. So I was a happy camper to finally add her to my collection, but the list doesn't stop there! As I was taking a trip to pick up some lunch on Wednesday I decided to stop at a Dollar General on the way, which I'm going to add was quite clean although very unorganized. I noticed the toys were spread all over the store, so I went to hunting and came up with Atom Smasher and Hawk!

Being two that I had passed on before, I grabbed them and checked out. I'm making a note though, that store had a few cool Star Wars Titanium ships I might have to go back for, all from the original trilogy! Better pay the bills first though. So, like I had said this was an extremely clean Dollar General, seeing how I've only been in two in my life, the first being on the other end of the clean scale, I was really surprised at how well they kept the store uncluttered and really well lit. So I guess it goes to show you never know where you'll find cool stuff! Oh and the best part they were both purchased at the bargain price of 2 bucks each!


rob! said...

shouldnt Hawk and Dove have been sold together, really?

megomuseum said...

My son got Hawk and Dove at a toyshow this weekend, I never really cared for them as characters but they're neat figures.