Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vintage Jedi - Lil' Yoda

I thought it would be fun to throw up some of my "Vintage Jedi". I have a handful in various conditions, one of my favorites and probably in the best condition is none other than the Original Jedi Master himself, Yoda! This would be my original Yoda by the way, not a purchase from a toy show or flea market. I have probably only bought two vintage figures that way, the rest in my collection are all O.G. baby!

For the life of me I can not figure out how this little guy made it to the present day with out losing all his accessories. I'm lucky to have maybe five blasters left from my original figures, but Yoda here must have used the force or something to hold on to his cane, belt, and snake. Also looking at the photo I can say this is by far the best Yoda figure Kenner / Hasbro ever made.

I mean look at that kind , all knowing expression on his face. They do not make Yodas like this anymore. Nowadays they all have this fierce look on their face, waving a little green lightsaber around, jumping around and doing what looks like a Jedi floor routine for the intergalactic olympics while they stab Clonetroopers. I guess I'm a sucker for the kinder, gentler Yoda. As a kid I had no problem with Yoda not needing a lightsaber, he pretty much showed he was powerful when he lifted that X-Wing out of the swamp, that was proof enough for me that he could hold his own in any situation without resorting to a weapon. Did I miss the message of the Yoda from Empire Strikes Back? "Wars not make one great."

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Jay Amabile said...

Coincidentally i actually still have my original Kenner Yoda toy in mint condition also. Maybe it's something us little Jedi's did when we were young. We had the utmost respect for our Jedi Masters even in action figure form!