Friday, September 28, 2007

VOTC 12 inch Stormtrooper

Not to be outdone by the 3 3/4 inch Stormtrooper from the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection (VOTC) this twelve inch Stormtrooper came in a package that has to be the most packaging that I've ever seen for a toy. The toy came packed in a box that is a replica of the original, or vintage, trooper from 1978, plus an outer box wrapped around that, and a nice heavy plastic shell on the front to protect that. You would get tired just opening this toy. Which reminds me, has anyone seen what they use to tie your favorite toys to their package? I have, it's a tool from Satan's workshop it is, I'll have to dig out my picture of it...

Released in 2004 - 2005 as a part of the first series of VOTC, the twelve inch figures did not have as an extensive collection at the 3 3/4 inch toys. This set included the Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker (Farm boy dress), and a Chewbacca. The last was an exclusive to Kay Bee Toys and was later repacked in the Revenge of the Sith line with a different weapon I believe.

While this issue of "Stormtrooper of the Week" is focused on the package, I would be remiss if I didn't wet the appetite some by addressing the figure. Hasbro couldn't just repack a twelve inch trooper they released earlier (thought that doesn't stop them now), they created a whole new sculpt, and it's really a nice looking piece. If you had to get a great looking trooper, twelves inches tall, at a value, this would be the one. While not the level of detail of a Medicom trooper, this guy will hold his own among the other troopers in your collection as far as detail. One great thing about this trooper is his armor no longer has the rubber boots connected to the shin guards, he actually has a little articulation here now. I plan on showing this guy out of the package in the future, maybe in comparison with the Medicom so keep an eye out.


megomuseum said...

that packaging had me almost bring those straight to checkout, eventually I snapped to but man, these were hard.

chunky B said...

I picked mine up on clearance right after Christmas, the full price was crazy, like most toys today... The inner box makes a pretty cool display piece.