Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Huntress

Not to long ago, my friend Rob Kelly at the Aquaman Shrine and I entered into a little agreement (that we'll now call JLU Club), where as, we exchanged our ongoing list of Justice League Unlimited action figure wants and if either one of us found something on the other's list we would pick it up and send it on it's way. This was born out of the frustration of not being able to find new JLU figures in our home towns, as Rob would put it.

I think to date Rob and I have done pretty well. This figure being the latest addition to my collection! The Huntress! Straight from the streets to the shelves to join the ever growing "Eclectorama Justice League Lineup". This was sort of a weird one, as it's not the single pack version of the Huntress, but the one that comes packed in a three pack with Batman and the Atom. I remember telling rob that I already had an Atom, and was up to my armpits in Batman, which now looking back really isn't a good vision to have kicking around in your head. Rob, being the ever gracious host of many a blog, ignored my comment of having way to many Batman and sent the Huntress out on her way. So a big thank you to Rob for this latest addition and for helping keep the JLU monkey at bay.

Some of these figures may be new finds, while others (like Huntress here) might have dried up in our specific region while being numerous in others. So the hunt is that much more exciting now. You never know if you'll find something that you need or if it fills a void on a friend's list. Hey, maybe this is the start of something new in the collecting realm, where scalpers, hoarders, and troop builders once roamed free, now sharers are paving the way for the new collecting era. I'm not saying we started it or anything, but we could be at the fore front of a new collecting movement! Viva the JLU Club!


rob! said...

VIVA THE JLU CLUB! i'm sooo tired of paying ebay scalper prices!

...the Nemesis you sent me is watching me as i type this.

Jay Amabile said...

you know, ebay's prices suck, but doesn't it make it so easy in comparison to scouring the local area's stores and having no luck? Isn't the extra 20 bucks mark up worth not even having to go crazy? Just a thought. I was sick and tired of going "batty" for these things that I gave up. Huntress is freakin hot...great figure. My personal Huntress faves are the DC Crisis figure and the JLA version that came out in 1998.

rob! said...

i dont mind getting some HTF JLU figures via ebay, if the prices are reasonable...i bought a loose Lightray for $8 which i thought was fair but still gave the seller a decent profit.

but when theyre selling the 3-packs for $40(or more!), that's just outrageous and i wont buy them, no matter how much i want the figure(s).

chunky B said...

Jay, you are right in that given cost of your time and cost of gas, ebay is a deal sometimes. Hell I just picked up a 9" Superman on ebay last night. I also agree with Rob when these guys / gals on ebay charge way too much for a 3 pack, just because it's hot right now. I guess when it comes down to it I really don't go too crazy looking for these things, and I get the feeling Rob doesn't either, If I happen to be in a store and they have it great, if not I'm not going to go nuts driving everywhere looking for them, I gave that up years ago (well with the exception of that darktrooper post, LOL) I think Rob and I were just trying to liven up the hunt a bit. I know what you mean about giving up, there's more important things to do, and besides hobbies should be just that, hobbies!

The 1998 JLA version, I don't recall that one, I'm going to have to do some research! I think Huntress is a great character, no matter what version! I really enjoy the way the scripted her on the JLU cartoon, and I kind of dug the lie action one a few years back.

chunky B said...

Oh and !Viva La JLU Club!

Jay Amabile said...

speaking of, I can't believe that Birds of Prey isn't on DVD. There were some cool bat-scenes in that show.

megomuseum said...

I just bought this one for my son at the Kane County show this weekend. I pretty much gave up on three packs and went straight to ebay.

Then Wal-Mart Canada began carrying them, sigh! I can't win.