Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank the Maker!

I knew he was evil, and this proves it! In 2006 Hasbro came up with the Ultimate Galactic Hunt. If you purchased all of the six Vintage Original Trilogy figures that year you could send in a sticker from each on a special little form and then months later you would get non other than George Lucas in his fancy Pajamas! Which makes George here the Stormtrooper of the Week.

The figure itself is just a retool of a previously released stormtrooper figure, the 1999 Commtech Figure to be exact... come to think of it I haven't shown a Commtech Stormtrooper yet, hmmm. With a brand new head sculpt, a removable helmet, and a standard issue Imperial blaster. Even though the figure itself is a re issue, I will say this, they nailed that likeness pretty damn close, even made it the "younger" George. The package front is the vintage style package with a little blurb on the back about the maker himself.

I missed out on the x-wing pilot George so I thought I would send away for at least one of these figures, before they dressed him as Jabba the Hutt.


rob! said...

they should--and probably havealready considered--of Lucasfilm Employees Figures--Ben Burtt, Rick McCallum, Phil Tippet.

heck, why not even figures of actors who were up for the parts originally? who wouldnt want a Nick Nolte as Han figure??

chunky B said...

They just might, Ralph McQuarrie is getting an action figure later this year of his cameo in Empire Strikes Back.

I might have to get one if I can find him, who wouldn't want a little Ralph McQuarrie hanging out on their drawing table?

chunky B said...

A side note, Major Bren Derlin is Cliff from the show Cheers...