Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Action Figure Monkey!

Just when I think I have the Action Figure Monkey under control, Hasbro goes and releases these! Damn you Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Series, the series number escapes me, but lets just say that Marvel Legends have been aroooound! Being a fan of the Four, not an ├╝ber geek fan, just a fan, and having purchased Marvel Legends on a few occasions, I thought it was safe to say that I wouldn't be sucked into a series of FF4 figures for quite some time, I mean who in their right mind releases a series based on the FF4 now? Right? The Thing and Mr. Fantastic sit on selves years after they are released from the first movie line, you can never find the Invisible Woman... and not because she's invisible, and FF4 villains, hah, good luck! Plus like I said I have only purchased Marvel Legends (Toy Biz and Hasbro) on rare occasions. So safe right?

Not at all, I've seen all eight in this series, and I love em! Love 'em all I tells ya! Some people don't dig the non-wash, or lack of detail Hasbro has brought to the Marvel Legends Table, but on these this makes them look that much more like toys, fun and bright! Mr. Fantastic, actually looks like Mr. Fantastic and he's all stretched out! Doc Doom here looks like he should and they made Namor in his green panties! The whole cast has been represented fairly accurately and the numbers of them available are a plenty! So I guess I'm hooked, at least for this series, and possibly the next with Captain America and Bucky! A freaking Bucky! I can finally assemble the Invaders!

I guess since I have been weaning off Star Wars figures, that the Fantastic Four here make a pretty good substitute on the Hasbro side of the collection. So let it go on record that I am only collecting JLU, Batman, FF4, some Star Wars, some Star Trek, oh and those Minimates, the occasional Mego, oh and forgot the Joes, and... Dammit, I give up... stupid monkey!

Side note that these two are open and currently battling on my desk until the rest of the team shows up!


Jay Amabile said...

It's so true. Once I get my spending and collectible problem in check, something seems to get released that kicks so much ass. I just picked up the entire Goonies action figure set and still collect various Batman, Superman, JLA, etc. This Invisible Woman is really great looking.

rob! said...

i still hope one day someone will release an Invisible Woman figure that is just an empty package--knock off a couple bucks, take any money and donate it to a'd be a fun thing for real collectors to have. i know i'd want one. :)