Friday, November 9, 2007

SOTW: Dark Forces PC Game

A week or so ago the Stormtrooper of the Week was a Darktrooper that originated from the PC Game Dark Forces, so this weeks Stormtrooper is just that the PC Game Dark Forces!

This is one of the few games that I have actually budgeted my time to play, I think it actually added to the enjoyment of the game even more. I was in college and working nights and when this game was released I pretty much had my Fridays clear in the afternoon, so having completed my chores that morning I would sit down from 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon to immerse myself in the Star Wars Universe. It was almost like watching a weekly show, in that It usually took me a few weeks to clear a level during that time slot. I will admit as I closed in to the end of the game I may have played a few hours more on a Saturday.

So the game goes like this, it's a first person shooter, and it's your mission to delve into the Darktrooper Project. A new "Super Trooper" being developed by the Empire. In true Star Wars fashion it's not just as simple as making it though a level to the boss, there are traps and puzzles to solve along the way. Your character, Kyle Kartan, a freelance adventurer that is recruited by the Rebel Alliance for this mission.

The first level is more or less to get you familiar with the controls in the game, then the adventure really gets going as each level gets a little longer and more difficult. A bonus is you get to shoot tons of Stormtroopers!

When I was digging this out of storage, I noticed I had a sheet of codes that included "cheats" for more weapons and life, plus some codes that I wrote down as I went through the game that helped to open doors and whatnot. This was 1994, during the dark times, the times of hardly any Star Wars product, so getting this game was just cool in itself, but finding codes without internet help or game guides was that much cooler. I actually stumbled on a few of these by accident (the cheats that is). A side note, It wouldn't be until 1995 that the re-release of the action figures would start what is now going on 12 years of Star Wars crap in the market (and I say crap with all the love and care in the world). In 1994 I thought the cover of this game was pretty cool with the CG generated troopers coming at you, blasters a blazing. What was on the back? A target framed Boba Fett, what more could you ask for!?

This is one of a very few games that I would consider to eventually go and find on E-bay for my Mac (seeing how this is the PC version, and I stopped using PC's a long, long time ago...) This is also one of a few Star Wars Games I still have, seeing as how my son sold some of my others in a Garage Sale, without my knowledge... Oh well them video games will just give you Drain Bamage!

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