Friday, November 30, 2007

While I'm talking about Superman...

This just arrived in the mail. The last piece (unless Hasbro releases Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch) to my collection of Hasbro 9 inch "Mego Like" figures. I don't consider myself a "completist" but there are a few that I want to see completed in my entire collection, and this was one of them. So here's a list of figures from Hasbro's DC and Marvel lines if anyone cares to do the same:

DC Super heroes Silver Age Collection:
1) Aquaman
2) Green Arrow
3) Green Lantern
4) Batman Removable Mask (Target Exclusive)
5) Superman (Target Exclusive)
6) "Dick Sprang" Batman and Robin Set (Hasbro Toy Shop Internet Exclusive)

JLA Collection:
7) Martian Manhunter (Kay Bee Exclusives)
8) Superman Blue (Kay Bee Exclusives)

DC Comics Collection:
9) Guardian of Gotham Batman/Bruce Wayne, 1st release "Blue Gloves Version" (Target Exclusive)
10) Guardian of Gotham Batman/Bruce Wayne, 2nd release "Black Gloves Version" (Target Exclusive)
11) The Joker (Target Exclusive)
12) The Penguin (Target Exclusive)
13) The World's Greatest Hero Superman/Clark Kent (Target Exclusive)

Other DC Comics:
14) Batman Beyond
15) Batman Master Piece Edition - 1st Appearance Batman

Marvel Spider-Man Origins Signature Series - Series 1
16) Red and Blue Costume Spider-Man
17) Black Costume Spider-Man
18) Doctor Octopus
19) Green Goblin

Marvel Spider-Man Origins Signature Series - Series 2
20) Captain America
21) Wolverine
22) Dare Devil
23) Iron Spider-man

Marvel Spider-Man Origins Signature Series - Exclusives
24) First Appearance Spider-Man (Target Exclusive)
25) The Punisher (Target Exclusive)

Marvel Legends Signature Series
26) Cyclops
27) Sand Man
28) Mr. Fantastic (to date unproduced)
29) Human Torch (to date unproduced)

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rob! said...

He won a Bronze in the 1996 Ice Skating Olympic games...congrats Kal-El!