Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Batman: Green Lantern

You know I read several forums on toy collecting, and I've noticed several things on the various boards that I find sort of disturbing about the hobby. One is the level of complaints about detail in certain lines. I'm not sure if most of you remember, but the toys I played with when I was a child would be laughed at by today's standards. I mean really do you think the public would buy the vintage Star Wars figures compared to the hyper detail you get today. Still people complain about things like re use of a standard sculpt, or number of paint applications, level of articulation, etc. Have we lost sight that these are toys? I'm all for more detail, but I also realize that the companies that make these things are trying to make money, that's why they are in business. So who cares if they use the Batman body and changed some items to make the Flash or the Green Lantern pictured here! Isn't it cool enough that the made a Green Lantern in this line?

With all that said, here's the Green Lantern from the latest Batman cartoon, the Batman. I think this is a pretty solid line of toys that could stand up to some play or display. Sure the figures are not always in scale, or are re cycled with new paint, but I think they do a fairly good job at capturing the style of the show. Besides it's Hal Jordan, so I won't ever get the special Holiday version from the JLU line, but I did get this one and that's good enough for me.

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rob! said...

wow, i didn't know they made one of these--or any of the other DCU heroes, for that matter! cool!