Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hook Hand Aquaman!

"Aye there mattes, tis' I, Pirate Aquaman!" This first figure is the perfect example of collect what you like and not what everyone else likes. Going back now, I liked the Total Justice line, at least two of the figures Green Lantern and the Flash. I thought these two were great, but I pushed on because I fell into that peer pressure thing where your buddy says something like "Get Aquaman! That's the rare one!" I kept this guy packaged for I don't know how long until I finally said screw it! I'm open em' maybe it's a better figure than what it looks like packaged. WRONG! I've never liked this look (except for the Timm verse version) I don't care for this guy at all! So that said this is one that may find itself in the garage sale bin this spring! So I should have stopped at two.

Now below, still the pirate version, but as I said it's the Timm verse style (meaning Bruce Timm's concept of the character) I'll keep this one. Hypocrite maybe, but I can't find myself parting with such a cool member of the Justice League Unlimited, especially since I'm trying to build a set!

I really wish that Timm had used the classic style like he did in the Superman Animated series, but I realize it's not always up to the creator, so ole' hook hand, mullet head, fish guy it is! A side note the first image is from when Hasbro had the line, the second is Mattel. I've seen some pre-release images of the new stuff from Mattel and classic Aquaman, plus I've heard a few things about the King of the Sea that are coming on the horizon, that's all I'm going to say for now, but fans should be happy.

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rob! said...

Total Justice makes my heart sad. everyone looks so mad. :(