Monday, March 3, 2008

Bounty Hunter: 30th Anniversary Boba Fett

So last year Hasbro released this line of figures to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, man do I feel old. Anyway this version of the Fett was to be another mold, actually the one pictured on the back of the card. That one pictured has an action feature, where you press down the rocket on his pack and he raises his arm into a firing position. Kinda cheezy, but they did a really good job at hiding the mechanics. Plus it had a really cool stand that looked like flames. Well back to this one. Seems the fans spoke and they wanted this version, which is a repack of the VOTC figure (Vintage Original Trilogy Collection).

Don't get me wrong, but this is kind of what is turning me off of Star Wars collecting, at least the action figures anyway. The VOTC figure was about 10 bucks when it came out, it was marked up more because it has more articulationn than the basic figures, packed in vintage style packaging, and was supposed to have more detail. Cool and cool, until they release it a year or two later in their basic line. To me this defeats the purpose of getting these types of figures, though for the purpose of making money it's a home run. This isn't the first time I was bit by this snake, the first time I purchased the second version though. I have no one but myself to blame though.

To tell you the truth, if they were going to repaint Boba Fett over and over, I wish they would use this mold and paint him in his Empire Strikes Back colors. There's a difference? you ask. Hell yeah! Empire Boba is a little bit duller in the paint scheme, his gauntlets are green, and the jet pack doesn't have all the bright colors. Doesn't everyone know that? As I kid I didn't have a clue, nor did I care. It wasn't till I had to draw him over and over again for Star Wars Kids Magazine that I learned all the little differences.

This Boba Fett, even sporting his Jedi colors, is still a really great figure. So if you had to have one besides the original and the 300th version, it would be this one. He's sort of like the super articulated Stormtrooper, can be posed pretty believably and is probably the best (not including the original) version of the character out right now. Oh I mentioned the 300th version, that's not the 300th version of Boba Fett, but the 300th Star Wars figure that has been released, that happens to be Boba Fett. More on this one later.

This one comes from the aisles of the Magical Grocery Store. I knew he was out and wasn't sure I would get him since I had the VOTC version, but being a fan of the Fett, and having had a JLU dry spell, I picked him up. Just for the purposes of reviewing him here, and I can't pass up a Fett figure! I mean to compare him to the VOTC version in the future and see if there are any differences. I'm betting that they would be minor if any, maybe since they were manufactured a few years apart. Still would be neat to compare. Till then, enjoy some more macro shots. Who knows maybe I'll try my hand at a custom paint scheme and paint me up an Empire Strikes Back Fett!

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