Thursday, March 6, 2008

That's no moon, it's a coin!

I used to stare at this card for hours as a kid. I understood it was a miniature model from the Empire Strikes Back (I think it's the one used in shot of the Falcon on the back of the Star Destroyer)I just wanted that Falcon, or one like it. I wanted a tiny Millennium Falcon so bad, I would make them out of paper. Mine never looked like this.

It wouldn't be till the 90's that Galoob would make the Star Wars Micro Machines version and I was too old to appreciate it then... though I bought it anyway!

I think every time I see this card from Topps 1980 Empire Strikes Back set, how I wanted to be a model maker when I was young, what the hell happened...

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rob! said...

Millennium Falcon = coolest spaceship ever?