Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Falcon Goodness!

Man if this isn't real, I don't know what I'll do, I guess I would have to make one myself!

Galactic Hunter updated with what is supposed to be the back of the box image for this new Millennium Falcon and all I can say is wow! Just looking at all the stuff on this thing really takes me back to my original Falcon (which I still have parts of kicking around).

I remember going to the store to pick it up. My mother drove me to a Best store, remember those. It was a catalog type store that also had a brick and mortar. That was the only reason we were going, because they had gotten a shipment of Falcons in, that was it, a pure Star Wars trip. This was a big deal because one, my mother didn't like driving on the highways and two it seemed like the trip took all day. I can now make this trip in less than 30 minutes, but Best is long gone. The ride home seemed even longer, couldn't wait to crack that "piece of junk" out of the package and take it for it's inaugural flight!

To this day whenever I find myself taking the same route we took that day I am flooded with memories of that day.

Well back to this new bird! I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out as an elaborate hoax, not that this will be the thing that gets me back into Star Wars collecting, I'm thinking this will be the item I will go out with a bang on. I am really digging all the features, and I'm surprised to say I even dig the little fighter, though it should be an escape pod, for a minute there I thought it would be the cargo handler of concepts of the past.


Bubbashelby said...

Looks like the wife will need to start parking her car in the driveway - we need to make room for this puppy!

chunky B said...

Well the rumor is it's going to hit store shelves in July! A little over 3 months to save the pennies it will take to get this bad boy!

Also just saw pics of a classic white TIE fighter with the large wins... Damn you George Lucas! I'll never get out of Star Wars debt!

Jay Amabile said...

Accept for some updated details this falcon is not too much different than the one they released with the late '90s wave. This one obviously has more lights and sounds and cool stuff but it's going to take 3 months to save up for it, I don't know if I'll be on board. I do like the automatic drop down entrance though!

chunky B said...

I don't know Jay, the late nineties version is a direct lift off the vintage mold, they added some paint apps and changed the sound feature, but it's a re-release. Then in the early to mid 2000's, they modified the mold to add a firing missile and light up engine, some more different sounds.

This new one is made up of brand new tooling, it's easily 50% larger than the previous mold, the insides are way more detailed, not just card board backgrounds, and a cockpit that will hold 4 figs!

Granted it's, in essence, a large vehicle/playset like the earlier release, but I think that's where the similarities stop. I'm in, and I'll definitely put up some comparison photos with the late nineties version for everyones viewing pleasure.

As for the three months, I'm not saying it will take three months salary to buy, just three months is when it's supposed to arrive, giving me time to scape together some change.

Jay Amabile said...

Oh awesome, that definitely clears it all up for me. I would love to have it but I don't know if I have room in my one bedroom condo ! lol. I'll look forward to sweating yours haha.

Jay Amabile said...
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