Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Comics!

In honor of the latest movie, I'm going to post some of my "Indy Treasures" as I unearth them in the ever growing mess that is the studio. So while digging through piles of old comics and magazines I discovered this treasure from back in 1981. I exaggerate here just a little I was digging for something else and came across a magazine holder and the cover caught my eye, there where a few other treasures in there as well from back in the day... those will have to wait.

This is a Marvel Super Special, measuring just under 8 x 11 inches, a collection of the three issues that adapt the movie to comic form. I'm really surprised at the condition of this tome, usually my old comics barley have a cover. I will admit I was much older when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in theaters, let alone comics, and as my Star Wars comics will show in comparison, the older I got the better I treated my comics. More than likely I also had the single issues and they got the brunt of the abuse, versus this one. This was probably bought mainly because it had Indy on it (the cover is cool) and secondly to see if they added anything since the last time I saw the movie or read the single issues.

The thing I liked about this collection of the single issues is no advertisements. Plus unlike my two treasury editions of the Star Wars saga, it's the whole story. I will note that I recently learned that they collected both Star Wars Treasuries into one Ginormous edition, thanks to Rob and Treasury Comics. I also like that they filled the back cover with a few preview panels, probably not a big deal, but I think it was a nice effort.

So this is how big a Indy geek I was, I would spend my allowance and newspaper route money on anything with Indy on it, but looking back I never bought the toys at the time, weird??? I think it was the time I was "growing" out of the toy scene. Well, I fixed that with my last trip to the store I finally secured the last three single figures of the latest release, now to gets to work on them deluxe figures...

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rob! said...

i SO wish they had done a Raiders treasury... *sigh*