Monday, June 2, 2008

Iron Man Doll... I mean Action Figure

When Toy Biz released the Famous Covers series I had mixed feelings. On one hand it was great to see "Mego-Like" figures on shelves, but on the other what was up with all the small, screaming heads? Iron Man here was one of the few I picked up without question. I have always wanted an Iron Man Mego, thing is I don't want to pay the amount some people are asking for, for an Iron Man Mego. My wife has a theory that if money wasn't an object I would buy every Mego no matter the cost. If money was no object I would build a time machine and then go back and buy up some Mego, Apple Stock, invest in a small film called Star Wars, maybe get me a 1970 Z-28 off the show room floor. Unfortunately I do not live in this fantasy world of time machines and endless supplies of money, but if I ever do get to tinkering with the space time continuum I'll let every in on it so they can make their vintage toy shopping lists.

So back to Famous Covers. Even with the tiny, mad heads most of these have I will give Toy Biz credit for trying to revive the Mego memories of the past. I have to admit this is one of my favorite Iron Man figures out, besides the first Marvel Legends Iron Man, mainly because I'm a sucker for the classic looking armor. The Secret Wars figure from Mattel and a Stealth Armor from the Iron Man Cartoon also make the list. To me the classic look is the best, though I do understand that armor will change with time, the classic has always been how I remember old shell head. Also if you leave the mask on, it's not that bad of a figure. True a little wonky with the chest piece getting in the way of some of the articulation and the left hand being cast in a permanent fist, he's a solid and posable toy. I'll even add a tough sucker too, this one has fallen from a six foot shelf and only lost a disk that I had to glue back on.

Besides Iron Man I picked up Spider-Man, which led to the Spider-Man two pack to get the black costume ( I sold the Spider Woman), Captain America (the angriest of all the Famous Covers), Thor (another cool one), and I picked up Reed and Sue Richards in hopes that the Human Torch and the Thing were not far behind. I finally let these two go, since I'll never get a Famous Covers Thing... The only addition I've made through E-bay to the original purchases listed above was a Wolverine, who makes sense having a screaming expression. I've often thought about getting Hulk, but it just looks too weird, something is not right with that one. Falcon might be cool to get for Captain America, maybe if I can find him in a garage sale or something.

I did have hopes that with Hasbro releasing their signature series that I might get an even better version of the classic Iron Man (or the Thing for that matter), but with the line dying out before it even really got started I guess it won't happen. Kids today just do not like dolls... err action figures I guess.

One last thing before I post this. Why do they always make Iron Man with a removable mask? I mean some don't have this feature, but nine times out of ten, whenever they release an Iron Man you can take the helmet off or remove the face mask. I personally do not have a problem keeping track of the helmet, but it would drive me crazy when my son would fly around a helmet-less Iron Man.


Bubbashelby said...

That's a groovy Iron Man doll! Although he appears to be wearing an Iron Speedo!

BTW - if money were no object why would you build a time machine, travel back in time, and buy stock? To make more money, which is no object? :P

chunky B said...

Good one, I guess you would buy Apple stock for bragging rights then... ah crap I give up... I will be trying to thinks harder next time...