Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman Week Bonus!

So I usually try to take the weekends off from all things computers, but thought it would be neat to throw out a bonus post, so here is my refurbished Mego Batman. I know he's not the best example of a Mego Batman, but here's his story anyway.

One summer Saturday, much like today, in the heat of the Texas morning this Mego Batman and I crossed paths. You see there is this little flea market down the road from the house, and the family found itself killing time on a sunny Saturday morning checking out the junk at the local market of fleas. I say junk, because the Flea markets in Texas (in my mind anyway) are nothing like the tales I've heard coming from New York city or even Cali-forn-i-a, no Texas flea markets are basically a bunch of junk dealers. I say this with the highest regards for the dealers, so if I do offend, I am sorry, but let's call it for what it is.

Anyway this trip yielded a sword from a knife dealer for my son (yes he is old enough to purchase mid evil weapons from a flea market), some great Mexican pottery for the misses, and nothing for me... until I saw him, Mego Batman, buck nakid in a display case. Now being a Bat Fan I knew I had to rescue him, so I inquired to the cost. One buck for a bare assed Batman! Sold! I took my prize home, much to the amusement of my wife and son who teased me the trip home and days after for buying a nude super hero dolly. That didn't phase me, cause I knew as he sat in the cool a/c on my drawing desk that this Batman would ride again!

So months passed and it was getting close to Christmas and my wife who can't keep track of the ever growing collection suggested I pick out something that I truly wanted, hum what do I truly want... I know some pants for Batman, so with the okay I went to a site I had been scoping out by the name of Dr. Mego. I went crazy and picked up a whole costume for my crime fighter, apparently though I forgot to add gloves to the cart, so Batman didn't get any standard issue mitts. The package came quicker than I thought, and right before Christmas I was playin... err, I mean posing for display my very first Mego Batman. No I didn't have one as a kid, I had Spidey and Captain America, but no Bats. I was thrilled. I will also add that Dr. Mego included a little freebie in my order, what looks like a short Knight sword and some literature on other items. Dr. Mego you made one owner of a crappy Batman very happy that year, if this gets back to you I want you to know you are a Mego Saint and I highly recommend your fine website to any and all who need pants for their superheroes!

Wait what's that Mego Batman? Who do you see? Mego Joker, Oh no that must mean we are going to have a Joker Week! Thought I would keep the Dark Knight Movie train going, so tune in next week for the Joker Week!


rob! said...

Joker Week? cool!

Bubbashelby said...

Haha great story.

It takes someone really comfortable in their manhood to buy a naked doll, and then later to buy it an outfit!

Kudos to your wife and kids too for having so much understanding. There's a fine line between "collector" and "creepy old man" and it's those family members that keep us on the right side!

Can't wait for Joker week!

Jay Amabile said...

This is a great story. There's always a feeling of accomplishment when you take on a project. No matter how big or small the project is it's still your project. Whether it's restoring an old hot rod or a piece of flesh toned plastic wearing a blue cowl, it's really satisfying to be able to look at the finished product. An even better feeling is seeing it in nice photos on a freakin' blog post! Even if all it took was a click over to Dr. Mego, who cares, it's still a little triumph. cue danny elfman's Batman theme...

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing the link on that Dr. Mego site. I've got some old hero bodies from when I was young, and I had pretty much resigned them to storage boxes. This is a great way to bring them back up to display quality!