Saturday, July 26, 2008

Joker Week Bonus: The Dating Game!

CB: Ms. Harley Quinnzel are you ready to meet the eligible bachelors?

HQ: I sure am Chunky!

CB: Well let's get started, Bachelor number one, tell us a little about yourself!

Joker 1: Well I come from the small state of Rhode Island, straight from a little toy shop called Hasbro! I dislike Bats, and I likes to keep my hands free, so I can hold a big "BANG!" gun, missile launcher, or rev up the ol' Harley if you know what I mean?

HQ: Oooooh!

CB: Wow, right out of the gate there, Bachelor number two how about you?

Joker 2: I'm from the sunny state of California, around Mattel way. I also dislike bats, I like playing jokes on people, and I know some card tricks. Oh and I love pet Hyenas.

HQ: Oh, you would just adore my little babies then!

CB: Okay, animal magnetism, Bachelor number three, it' your turn!

Joker 3: I'm crazy, I'm mad, I did a few cameos in a little show called Justice League, and I also know some card tricks... This card reminds me of you Ms. Quinn...

HQ: Oh, how?

Joker 3: It's got a big Mr. J all over it!

Joker 1: Hey now, I was on T.V. too, anyone Here of a little show called the Batman Adventures???

Joker 2: Pfffft, I did that show too, no big deal, but I'm also from Cali, and Card tricks... Card tricks baby!

Joker 3: Can't you see I'm crazy, crazy for you baby...

CB: Okay, okay settle down bachelors. Ms. Quinn, have you decided on one?

HQ: One? I'll take them all!

CB: There you have it folks, three for the road! Tune in next week when we go back to our regular Eclectorama format of eclectic toy goodness! And thanks for hanging in there for Batman and Joker Weeks! Big Kiss!

Group: Mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaa!

Note of thanks to Rob! at the Aquaman Shrine, Joker 3 was played by one of the many JLU Club exchanges we have going! Viva La JLU Club!


rob! said...

glad i could help!

this sequence has to end with the host lying dead with a joker grin on their face. poor, poor jim lange...

Bubbashelby said...

So where's Harley?