Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick Fire Joker

Before there was DC Universe figures, Mattel launched a series of action figures under the Batman banner sculpted by the Four Horseman. The Joker here called Quick Fire Joker came packed with a huge green gun (not shown) that fired either a hand of cards or a "BANG!" sign. Not your usual projectiles, unless you're the Joker I guess. He also came with one of the most bendable canes I've ever seen. The cane is almost a rubber type of soft plastic, I know they didn't want any little ones to get injured, but wow this thing is like holding a rubber band.

Now usually I try to get a "normal" Batman and a Joker from each series, of course sometimes that plan doesn't always work out. Quick Fire Joker was one of the hardest to find from the series in my area, of course years latter they were released at discount stores in a two pack, though slightly different colors. I finally tracked one down at lunch time durning the week day. That afternoon was the longest wait ever. I left the Joker in the car while I finished up the days work, rushing home at 5:00 to free the Joker from his little plastic prison, I felt like I was 5 years old rushing home after school to catch my favorite show or play with a brand new toy.

The thing I like about this figure is that crazy look in his eyes and what a grin. That and he has a certain style or flair about him!


Jay Amabile said...

definitely a classic version of the Joker. This is the way I think of the Joker.

Bubbashelby said...

Great figure - I never found that specific one but did pick up the repaint that came with an acid blaster, gas mask and giant hammer.

I love your analogy about running home with a new toy. I think we all feel that way!

rob! said...

wow, i don't remember these figure(s) at all.

chunky B said...

Rob! I want to say these were out around 2003. I'm sure if you saw the package you would recognize them, they had what I call the "generic" batman logo on them. Then they stated making Superman figures, and then they started making batman for one series and superman for the next and so on and so on, then finally the DCU that we know and love today.

Bubba, I remember the one you are talking about, but I never found it in stores, love to see some pics.

Jay, This is exactly how I see the Joker as well, but the Dark Knight might have changed that for me. Still a classic look!