Thursday, August 14, 2008

Romulan Bird of Prey

It always amazed me how most of the alien vessels in Star Trek used to have the same type of engines, or at least they looked the same. I will admit that this one ups the ante some by placing them on the ends of two wings and swept forward. Besides the usual engine configuration this ship is more of a departure than the Enterprise or Klingon D-7 as far as ship layout, this bird is more compact and the bridge section does not hang out there like the others separate from the engineering section. Also you may have noticed a giant bird painted on the bottom, used to strike fear into the system they were attacking.

So what are we looking at? Another of the Johnny Lightning Star Trek ships released back in 2005. I'm going to go on record as saying I thought the bird on the bottom was sweet and when I was younger and the larger AMT models were around, I probably screwed up about a half dozen of these trying to get the bird to look right. So, I really glad that these Johnny Lightning ones come with the decals on.

This ship is a little bigger than the Klingon D-7, I know that they are not in scale, I believe it should be somewhat smaller since it is basically an attack craft. Sort of a strike hard and fast craft. But, I can see why the did not render these craft in scale, you would feel cheated getting a ship the size of a quarter after getting the Enterprise and Klingon D-7, so they were just trying to give you the most plastic for your buck.

The Romulan Bird of Prey was first seen, along with the Romulans, in the Episode the Balance of Terror. Where we learn for the first time Romulans and Vulcans are somewhat related and look surprisingly alike. We also learn the these bad boys have a cloaking device that make them invisible to scanners. The episode is a classic and plays out like an old War drama of fighting submarine commanders, down to the Romulan Commander casting out debris so the Enterprise would think his ship has been destroyed. One last thing the Romulan Commander was played by Mark Leonard, the same actor that would play Spock's Father.


Bubbashelby said...

Great looking ship. I love the design on that one, and the bird on the bottom. Coolness.

rob! said...

those original Trek ships were so well designed--majestic and sleek, they still hold up really well.

i think its instructive to see that, for all the changes JJ Abrams is making to Trek, the Enterprise still looks like The Enterprise.

chunky B said...

I read somewhere that when Jeffries designed the original Enterprise, the studio locked him in a room and he didn't come out until it was complete. It was said that he had designs taped up all over the walls...

JJ Abrams couldn't go to far from the original, the Enterprise herself could be considered a character, just like Spock has pointy ears the Enterprise has to keep that familiar configuration.