Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Report!

Okay here in the great state of Texas it was tax free weekend. A tax holiday dreamed up years ago to "help" relieve some of the burden of taxes for certain back to school items. If you are a casual shopper on these three days, you save maybe 10 bucks (hey ten bucks is ten bucks), but if you have a large family and purchase their wardrobe for the year I guess you save more. It's been a while but I think it's mainly clothing that is affected by this no tax rule, that and a few other things. I know this is the first year backpacks were added to the list of non taxable goods, that's a big deal. I think this is something left over from Bush's turn at Governor, but I'm not entirely sure about that, I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Anyway the best thing about this weekend is the stores tend to stock up the toy aisles so they can reap the benefits of children coming along to try on clothing and pick up notebooks. So here's what I saw (but didn't pick up, that's another story)

1) The BMF Millennium Falcon
2) tons of DC Infinite Heroes series one
3) a few DCUC series three, including a Deathstroke without a mask (is that rare?)
4) New GI Joe vehicles, including a H.I.S.S. tank
5) a ton of those GI Joe DVD sets
6) some new Transformer Classics
7) Mighty Muggs Boba Fett and Stormtrooper
8) Tons and tons of Clone Wars Cartoon figures
9) Wii "light sword" controller add on
10) a Ghost Busters T-shirt ( I should of grabbed that one and enjoyed a tax break, I may go back for it!)

What I did get...

"Indiana?! The dogs name is Indiana!"


Bubbashelby said...

You passed up a chase Deathstroke!

Although I don't generally sweat the chases (because I never find them) that would have been a nice one to pick up.

Nice haul on the teen Indy and his Dad though! I didn't know they made that set.

chunky B said...

I'm not really a big Deathstroke fan, but if I see him again I'll pick him up for ya!

The figure looked cool, but without a mask he looks like a old guy in a cool costume. They had Green Lantern (I came soooo close to getting him) Night wing and Sinestro too.

I'm just trying to get the characters I like from the DCUC series, if they would have had Robin I would have snagged him, I left Green Lantern because the paint looked way too funky, hopefully I'll find one that looks good.

chunky B said...

Oh, and the Indy figures were singles, I knew these guys were coming out, but I didn't expect to see them so soon. I must have looked through the rest of the figures on the pegs for 20 minutes seeing if they had the other's in the series.

Bubbashelby said...

Re: the DCUC chase stuff. I'm only a completest in regards to getting the Collect and Connect pieces, and although the chase figures would be a fun novelty to own I won't lose sleep over them.

They are usually lame anyways, Series one promised a Modern Red Tornado (which never saw release) and Series two had a modern Aquaman and Modern Firestorm. (Which have yet to be released as far as I know)

Series 3 has a maskless Deathstroke and a Sinestro Corp uniformed Sinestro. I prefer the masked Deathstroke and a classic Sinestro anyways.

GL is awesome, and so far the only one I've found from series three, which looks to be much better distributed than series two. I love Robin's costume (inspired by the animated series) - best Robin costume EVER!

Re: The new Indy series, who else is available in that one? (I'm assuming it's all based on the Last Crusade?)

- and sorry for the long read ;)

chunky B said...

Still I'll keep an eye out for others in the series.

Re: Indy Last Crusade Series

1) Indy with Submachine gun, wearing tie
2) Henry Jones Sr. (pictured)
3) Young Indy (pictured)
4) Grail Knight
5) Dr. Elsa Schneider
6) Colonel Vogel

I can't wait for the Temple of Doom series! Short Round and Mola Ram to name a few!

Bubbashelby said...

The Grail Knight sounds really cool too!