Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hailing Frequencies Open!

Another of the Playmates Toys role play toys from the mid nineties, the communicator was simply a breath of fresh Star Trek air! while this communicator only makes beeps and hailing noises, it was released a second time a year or two later that included phrases from the show. I passed on that one thinking it was a little corny, but today Art Asylum has released a more detailed version than this that includes various characters voices from the show and I'm all hot for it. Time does crazy things to your mind.

While I'm not sure I need the newer Art Asylum version, I can still make due with this being fairly screen accurate for it's day. This was another of those great finds, you know the ones, where you are walking around the store and you go "Holy Crap! I didn't even know they made these!" How could any Star Trek geek be with out a classic communicator. Sometimes I secretly wish I had the know how to gut this thing and make it a cell phone and keep the sounds intact. I know GEEEEK!

Still another part of me can't wait to finally break this bad boy out at a Halloween party, if we ever decide to throw a costume party. At least I have the hardest parts of my costume done, the rest will be a cinch! Hell it even has a belt clip, how freaking cool is that, I won't have to worry about setting it down and losing it or balancing my Romulan Ale while holding the communicator!

So to get to the fun part, to operate this little devise you have to master the "press and flip". Press the side button as you flip your wrist to open and make that all too familiar "chirp, chirp, chirp chirp" sound. The buttons inside make the frequency scanning sound and the page sound. Now I believe that the newer version has solved some of these problems my making them motion activated. I can't say for certain, so i just might have to find a new one and give it a try and a review. Do toy companies send out free toys for reviews?

Oh well, one to beam up...

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Bubbashelby said...

"Do toy companies send out free toys for reviews?"

It's the thought that keeps me posting on those cold lonely nights with nary a blog idea in my head.


That's a sweet communicator. I'm sure someone somewhere has made a functioning phone from one. I'd use it.