Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bazooka Joe

I know that Hasbro just mixes and matches the parts to various joes, or may just repaint them, but they do it so well that for this line I do not mind. Star Wars on the other hand it bugs me, maybe because the number of clone troopers is hitting astronomical levels. Anyway we have seen the Cobra Trooper released and rereleased with different paint schemes before, but this has to be my favorite to date. They added some cool web gear and a sweet helmet, plus he gets an old school bazooka and a 45 and he's ready to blow up some GI Joe Tanks! Does a Cobra Trooper get better than this? I don't know, but in my book this guy rocks!

Ah the simple things that make us happy. Cobra!

G.I. JOE: 13

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