Monday, March 2, 2009

Eclectorama Musing

I've been remiss in my blogging duties, I have plenty to report on in the Eclectorama Collection, plus some goings on around the house, and some new Trek stuff I'm looking forward too, but I just haven't been motivated as of late, not sure what it is. True I've been extremely busy at work and I have a few projects going on at home, but no excuse I should be keeping the blog a rolling.

I've been thinking about a few projects for the blog and even bringing back a feature from year one to maybe get me going again. I just need to settle on what I want to accomplish this year and get going. I'm going to throw out a few ideas and see what sticks.

1) I'm thinking of sending an EMCE Spock on tour of America and possibly a location in Canada. Sort of a celebration of the new Star Trek Movie coming out. I'm working on how I can get this accomplished. I will only do it if I can get at least one host from all the continental states. I'm tentatively calling it Spock Tour 09'. My only requirements so far are photos of Spock in your home town, nothing obscene, just out and about at the landmarks, diners, and such sent back to Eclectorama for weekly or bi weekly posts, with short descriptions of the scene and possibly postage to the next destination, I haven't figured that part out. I would definitely start the ball rolling by sending him to the farthest point and then having him find his way back home. As I get this going I'll post an email link for volunteers and specifics.

2) My pal at Toyriffic sent me some really cool artist trading cards, that I'll be posting. I've been interested in doing some as well and posting and then sending some off first come first serve style. I hope to get these started soon. I would like to try new styles on this project as well as my cartoon style.

3) Stormtrooper of the Week, I really liked this feature and I've been thinking about brining it back as Troops of the Empire. I've been thinking of expanded it to Dark Lords, Bounty Hunters, Troopers and possibly the occasional Clone Trooper. Now I know that technically the Clone Troopers were the good guys for a while, but lets face it they all work for the Emperor. I'm just not sure my readership was digging it. Sometimes you just have to go with it, whether it was loved or not.

4) Toy, toys, toys and the fuzzy memories that go along with them. I'm thinking of going two routes with this, Feeling Vintage, were I talk about the fun times with classic toys and The Modern Maniac were I gush about the latest toy to find it's way into the collection.

5) Trek toys, models, and the Spocklection will be back. Once a Trekkie always a Trekkie.

6) Last but not least, I'm hoping to finally get a shot or two of the ever evolving Eclectorama Collection as I get it back on display. Plus some "Limelight" areas of the collection.

Just some ideas I've been kicking around... Stay tuned Eclectomaniacs!


Plaidstallions said...

I'll get spock drunk in Toronto!

chunky B said...

Awesome, I was counting on you to take care of the Canadian conection!

Bubbashelby said...

Spock would love the Redwoods and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk!