Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Spockcation 2009!

While the Enterprise is being retrofitted for the new Movie, Captain Kirk has granted shore leave to some members of the crew. Spock is taking this opportunity to tour some of North America! Would you like to host Spock in your hometown? Maybe show him the sights, have a beer and some grub at your favorite diner, even hang out in your collection for a while. Keep it interesting, but keep it clean, we are somewhat a family blog here. Here's what you need to do.

1) Be willing to take Spock around to all the cool stuff in your town and shoot some photos and write down a short description of what's going on, nothing major.

2) When you are finished showing Spock around, email the photos to Eclectorama, pack Spock up and send him on to the next destination.

3) Spring for some postage to the next destination on the list, the closest and least expensive to you. Spock doesn't mind traveling coach.

4) Update: I'm adding one on a suggestion from Eric at Toyriffic, if Spock is staying with you around May, 8th (the release of the new Star Trek movie) then you have to take Spock on a date to the movies and snap some pics, so if he's still at home he'll be seeing the movie with me, if he's on the road he'll be seeing it with you!

That's pretty much it!

I really want to get as many States possible to participate, and as I said before that I would like at least to get the 48 Continental States before we start, reality will probably be four states if I'm lucky. Interested? Contact me here at Eclectorama with your name and address. The list will only be used for Spockcation and not to solicit.

Here's what States (and Country, I did mention that I wanted Spock to see Canada) that have stepped up so far:

Canada - host PlaidStallions
California - host Toyriffic
Texas - Spock's home state, this Spock anyway!


Bubbashelby said...

I can't wait!

You should also stipulate that whoever has him around May 8th needs to be willing to take him to the new Star Trek movie. Or you should wait until after that to send him and take him yourself. That'll make a great photoshoot!

chunky B said...

That is a great idea E! Make it so...

Frederick said...

Too bad GA is taken! I would have shown Spock a good time around historic Savannah. Isn't it possible for him to visit more than one location per state? Please consider it!

I've added your blog to my list of links at Your site is great!

chunky B said...

I might have to open it up to multiple locations in one state, just for the fact that I want to see some shots of Savannah.

drop me an email and I'll put you on the list.

rob! said...

Please send Spock to the Garden State when he is available!

The Nostalgic Gangsta said...

I can host Spock in Los Angeles, California and take him with me to San Juan, Puerto Rico on a trip I will be taking there in the coming weeks. There are some great sights for Spock to see down there. Let me know if he's available.

- The Nostalgic Gangsta

chunky B said...

Nostalgic Gangsta,

Drop me an email so I can get your mailing address and I'll put you on the list!


Jay Amabile said...

This is awesome....I'm going to join in! I'll forward you my info later tonite!