Monday, April 6, 2009

Gertie Update!

Okay, since I was asked here are some stats and background information on little Gertie. This will also come in handy as we have family out of town that might be interested in the latest member of the family. I promise I'll get back to toys for my toy collecting audience soon.

Gertie's Stats:

Full name: Gertie... (We are still trying to decide on her full formal name)
Breed: English Bulldog
Gender: Female
Coat: Brindle
Father: English Bulldog
Mother: English Bulldog
Age: As of 4/5/2009, 8 Weeks
Favorite Things to Do: Eat, Sleep, Poop and chew on everything
Favorite Toy: Purple Rubber Ring with Knotted Rope Tether
Funniest Moment (To Date): Chasing and terrorizing two full grown Bassets that are easily 3 to 4 times larger than herself.
Item of Note: To date she loves the camera and is not afraid in the least to have her picture taken, matter of fact she heads for the camera and pretty much looks directly at it, it is hard to get candid shots.

A nice side shot of her coat

Chasing Auntie Squee


LEon said...

Gertie is cute! Has she been de-wormed yet? or in the process to?

chunky B said...


She is being well taken care of. She already has an appointment with our vet. According to her papers she has, but we will have our vet verify the information and get her going on her next round of shots.

Frederick said...

She looks so nonchalant about everything. Like she's seen it all and ain't impressed yet. Funny!