Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Toy Break...

For my readers that are toy fans and might be getting tired of Spockcation and Puppies, like who could get tired of either of those? Anyway, here are some pics of Marvel Universe 3-3/4" Captain America and a GI Joe Resolute Cobra Trooper, so it's a two for one!

oooh, very mean looking

Let's start with the Cobra Trooper. GI Joe Resolute is a new cartoon with a little more grittier feel to it, so far all I have seen of it is this YouTube Video:

Oh man, "A Ninja? I didn't know we had a Ninja!" That get's me every time. See what I mean about grittier? Bullets instead of lasers. I do miss the lasers, kids shouldn't have to grow up so fast. I do think this cartoon has an older audience in mind though.

with all his gear

The figure itself looks sort of like what I would have expected the troopers from the new movie to look like, except maybe with the Cobra symbol on them. I'm not disappointed that the symbol is not there, it makes him generic enough to fight other figures like Cap here.

Heeeeeere's the Cap'n

some nice shield storage

Captain America, from Hasbro like the Trooper, is part of the new Marvel Universe 3-3/4" line. This is a modern version of the character, I personally would like to have seen the classic version first, but hey you take what you can get. Makes more sense that he's modern fighting this modern looking Trooper. If he was classic I would have to hunt down some of those Indiana Jones German Soldier two packs on clearance. Which I might end up doing since the classic is supposed to make an appearance in a Secret Wars Comic Two Pack (I believe this summer).

Look out Cap!

When Captain America throws his mighty shield!

Victorious, Yo Jo...err Captain America!

I think this is a pretty cool time to collect 3-3/4" figures, we've had GI Joe and Star Wars for years, last year it was Indy, this year we get Marvel Universe, DC joined the fray not too long ago, and in a few weeks Star Trek in the same scale. I can finally have that Battle Royal with all my favorites, I think it may look something like this...


Bubbashelby said...

That cartoon looks great - far superior to what I've seen of the upcoming movie.

Nice Cap too - I may hold out for the classic version though.

Shawn Robare said...

Yeah, I really dug the look of the Resolute Trooper, it really is a more realistic take on the classic design.