Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Licensing Show 2009 - Day 1

Well, Spock is back on track and hopefully we should get some photos in the next week or so of him enjoying a little Tiki party in Florida. The blog fell silent for a week and a half, not because of Spock, but because I was out of town attending my first Licensing Show.

Licensing Show is a trade show where all the companies that produce movies, television shows, books, comics and other pop culture goodies get together with companies that want to license these properties to produce product. The first day of the show I had the opportunity to snap some pictures of all the cool booths and displays that were there. Nothing to spoil new properties coming out, but cool stuff none the less.

So for your viewing pleasure, Licensing Show 2009.

More tomorrow, tune back in...


LEon said...

hey what Bob Marley doing there?! His record licensing? Can't wait to see read and more!

chunky B said...

More like licensing his image, they license everything even corporations license their logos for stuff.

Also I had to shoot a pic of Bob's Booth, he's one of my favorite musicians : )

LEon said...

I like him too Chunky. One of my all time favorite song of his is "No woman No cry". The first time I heard that, I felt instantly in love with that song. Too bad he died young. :(

Jay Amabile said...

I want the life size Ahsoka!