Monday, June 22, 2009

Spock Stop 2: Lantana, Florida

When I received the message that photos were coming this weekend, I really couldn't wait to see Spock enjoying a few drinks at the Hukilau, little did I know he would take over and turn it into Spockilau! My first reaction was "Holy Freaking Cow!"

Seriously Spock's first Florida Host, Anna, really went above and beyond and showed Spock the sights and sounds of the Hukilau and shot so many creative pictures of his visit it was hard to choose what to show. I had originally asked for six pictures, but Anna has sixty-eight to choose from! I'm betting if she is like me she shot triple that and picked the best! So I decided that I would post a few today and a few tomorrow, and then give you all the link to her Flicker site so you could be amazed at all the fun Spock had... I'm still just blown away.

Anna, I have to add that when I told my Parents and Older Sister, who lived in Hawaii before I was around, about Spock attending the Hukilau I think they were more eager to see all the fun he was going to have. They, as well as the rest of the Eclectomainiacs out there, are going to have a blast looking at these photos!

So here we go, onto Spockilau!

The Spockilau 2009

making first contact with what i am to find out is a boston terrier by the name of Bowie

Me at the Mai Kai for The Hukilau

arrival at the hukilau.... aquiring a good view at the "tiki art show"

the king and I. (king kukulele announces my arrival at what he called the "spockilau")

making contact with the band the los straitjackets.... securing a good view for observation ("spock pocket")

rock out with your spock out! logically the best photo of my spockation to date! ("spock pocket")

Anna, if you are reading this I want a copy of this large enough to make wallpaper for my computer!

drink 1.... "the jet pilot"..... this is a strong one...

getting hula lessons

i closely resemble bruce lee in this photo.... we could be related in an alternate universe.


Jay Amabile said...

this is hysterical. You're right, the best pic is in the Los Straighjackets guy's pocket...that one is the BEST! The Bruce Lee pic is great ...he's looking all flamboyant lol GREAT POST! How can I top this?

LEon said...

I love the way you put the photo border. You do the photo digitization yourself? I recognize the retro 60s photo frame. My parents' album uses those type of 4 corner holders for their photos.

I am glad Spock is having the good time there. Hope to see more updates. :)

chunky B said...

I love the photo border as well, but I didn't do it. This came straight from the host themselves, along with the captions (except where I put "note:...").

Anna even came up with the great Spockilau Poster. Super talented I tell you. I hope she lets me continue to use the photo borders, that was such a nice touch. Maybe if I ask real nice?

LEon said...
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LEon said...

I was having the impression you did the poster. Wow! Anna sure talented. She have a blog? The photo border template with you?

Bubbashelby said...

Spock hangin' with Los Straightjackets! I dunno if I can top that on his trip to NorCal, but I'll try!

rob! said...

My eventual Spock visit is going to be soooo boring compared to this...

Reis O'Brien said...

I love that pic of Spock with Los Straightjackets so much that as soon as I saw it, my brain simply shut off.


chunky B said...

@Reis - Right that has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen! I have it up as wallpaper on my screen right now!