Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Phantom

I think I mentioned shooting some more pics of the Phantom last week. Well, better late than never. I can't say enough about this toy, it's a great representation of the character done in that classic Mego style by Cast-A-Way Toys. So lets check out the pics...

Soft Roto Head like back in the day

Unlike Megos from earlier days, the Phantom sports hands that are more flexible, almost like Kung Fu Grip, with trigger fingers extended, and the Phantom's rings on both hands. Amazing that they captured the ring's detail as well.

Belt buckle detail, my only gripe (which is very slight) is that the silver paint rubs off some. Not a deal killer in the least though. And hey, stripy britches!

Nice sculpt and feel on the Pistols. Detail of the hand and the "Business" Ring.

The belt and holsters are a softer, more flexible plastic so the holsters can close, Really a nice fit all the way.

The Ghost Who Walks!

I'm digging this figure so much I'm thinking about trying my hand at some customs using parts from the Cast-A-Way Toys site. I'm thinking first the Flash, maybe a cool Captain America, and a friend suggested Mandrake the Magian and Flash Gordon!


LEon said...

I like the detail of his rings and gun. Btw the phantom seems to have each rings on both hands. He wore two rings on each hand in the comic too?

Bubbashelby said...

That dolly even wears jewelry!


(Actually, it's very cool.)

chunky B said...

@LEon -from Wikipedia - "A signature of the character is his two rings. One has a pattern formed like four crossing sabres, "The Good Mark", that he leaves on visitors whom he befriends, placing the person under his protection. The other, "The Evil Mark" or "Skull Mark" has a skull shape, which leaves a scar of the corresponding shape on the enemies he punches with it. He wears the Good mark on his left hand because it is closer to the heart, and the Evil Mark on his right hand. The Skull Ring's original owner was Emperor Nero of the Roman empire, and the Good Mark ring was made after the sixth Phantom founded the Jungle Patrol. It would later be revealed that the Skull Ring had been made from the nails that hung Jesus to the cross." Cool, huh?

@Bubba - fancy jewelry at that with matching pistols! : )

LEon said...

Thx for the info. Now I know Phantom two rings are about. :D

Anonymous said...

oh, wow, the detail on the hands is incredible, down to the little rings! Amazing.