Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Buddy from the Bin

I've been sorting through my toy bins, it's time to really thin out the collection, and came across another old buddy. Greedo was one of my old drinking buddies back in the day, he always new how to dress to impress.

Dig his color coordination, those greens really bring out his skin tones. I ran across a few of my other bar room buddies from back in the day on Tatooine and will be posting them in the future.

It's good to see these guys come out in the daylight every once in a while instead of our usual hangout. Going to seem weird, but when I was a kid I had the 45 record of the Cantina Band Song and I played it non stop on a little record player I kept out back of a card board Star Wars bar I fashioned out of an old box and some scrap. My drinking buddies and I would hang out and swap stories of smugglers, starships and the Kessel Run, 12 parsecs! Paaaaalease, we were talking about doing it in half that time.


Bubbashelby said...

I have the Cantina Band music on my phone and use it as my alarm. I awake to their sweet jazzy notes every morning.

Brian said...

Posts like this are the reason why I love your blog so much. You'll bring out these awesome toys from the past and I'll say "Hey, wait! I have that somewhere!" and immediately be flooded with the memories of backyard space battles. Greedo was one I loved to have around, but mostly just so Han Solo could shoot him again and again in the bar fight. I don't think the poor guy ever won.