Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spock Stop 5: Seattle, Washington

Spock not only visited Seattle with his hosts Sarah and Johnny, but made his way back up into Canada and dipped back into Oregon! He looked like he a great time and even made some new friends who took him on a little side trip. That trip will be for another post, until then I'll let Sarah and Johnny take it away with their vacation with Spock on his Spockcation!

"Spock arrives in Seattle!"

"So intriguing."

"Spock and the Seattle Skyline."

"Rest in Peace Bruce."

"Sarah is an artichoke and I'm corn! "

Victoria, Canada "That's Parliament in the background."

"Hanging out in Canada's oldest China Town."

Portland, Oregon "We had Dim Sum in Portland. Yum!"

Wow! Those were some awesome pics, matter of fact there were so many pictures to choose from I broke this stop up into two posts, so tune back in later this week for more of Spock's Seattle Adventure. I'll also post the link to Sarah and Johnny's Flickr page so you can see all the photos they took with Spock. In the meantime, check out Sarah's artwork for the Stitch Wars show, Live Long and Prosper.


LEon said...

Spock went to visit the grave of Bruce Lee?! Now that's COOL!!!

A. Pants said...

Yeah!!! spock hittin the sites with miss sarah... he looks like he had a good time and ya know what i think somehow him and Bruce Lee are related. I bet Bruce Lee mastered the ways of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch or maybe was even its