Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mc Spider-Man

I just felt like posting some more Spider-Man today, the blog could always use a little more Spider-Man.

Sometimes the best figures are the simplest. In my opinion this is one awesome figure, like Batman before him, he was a McDonald's Happy Meal Toy from back in the days of Spider-Man the Animated Series. And like before, because of this toy line I have to visit the doctor every year for my pills! I realize now I did not have to eat the food, but come on I was there at lunch time and I was younger then , might as well have gotten my grub on.

Even though the figure is somewhat out of proportion, I think it does rather well in capturing the look of the Animated Series version of Spider-Man from the Nineties. The shape of his head is really close to the style guide artwork. My family right now is going "Big deal, Spider-Man is Spider-Man", Ah but not so, and I know my pop culture brothers and sister will notice the little differences.

These are probably kicking around in garage sales, flea markets and thift stores all over the place. I would recommend this figure for any Spider-Man fan as a must have, especially if you can get him for a quarter and can avoid the unwanted pounds caused by junk food.


Bubbashelby said...

I totally agree - simpler is better. I get tired of all the action features they try to jam into a kid's meal toy - just give me a line of figures and I'll buy your junk (and the toys too ;) )

Also: the title of the post "MC Spider-Man"

Like he's Scottish.

Does whatever the feck he wants!
Ach, aye."

LEon said...

Is this the animated Spider-man from MTV? It sure look like one.

chunky B said...

@LEon, it's the one from around 1994, they used to show it on Fox Kids here in the states.

I know the MTV one you are talking about, I like that one as well, but I think that Toy Biz only released two toys from that series and they were somewhat hard to find.

LEon said...

Thanks for the clarification. I find the storyline of the MTV was great. Maybe because they drop Auntie May. LOL and Peter was more free and confident...Not to mention MJ was hot!