Friday, October 23, 2009

Spock Stop 8: Davis, CA

Spock's second stop in California is with another toy blogger, Mario. Mario took Spock on a tour of his town and by the looks of things they both had a pretty good time.

With this I give you Spockcation California Stop 2! Take it away Mario!

Spock arrives! Let's get Spockcation started!

Farmers Market, Spock takes a moment to appreciate the live music. He asked if they knew "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" but that song was not in the band's repertoire.

At the Farmers Market, there was a rock climbing wall. Spock thought it would be a good workout, so he immediately set to work climbing to the top.

Climbing a rock wall is hard work, Spock needed to take the occasional break.

Some of the more memorable pieces of public art on the UC Davis campus are the Egghead statues. Spock poses on one while another looks on.

We visited the Farmers Market, and Spock chowed down on some tasty kettle corn.

Spock visited the Death Star, a prominent building on the UC Davis campus. As we began to climb to the top, he stopped to admire some whimsical chalk art.

Spock sure likes to climb! Here we are near the top of the Death Star.

Spock stands triumphant on the top level of the Death Star, with a nice view behind him.

After climbing all the way up the Death Star, Spock needed a short break. Fortunately, there was a chair waiting.

Spock meets some unsavory characters.

Good thing he was carrying the Matrix of Leadership!

Spock enjoying the company of his friend the tiny Optimus Prime.

On our way downtown, we passed a spot where the sidewalk ends. Spock thought it was fascinating, and wanted to take a moment to ponder.

Wow, Mario really showed Spock a great time. Took him for a climb, got his snack on and made some new friends. I ended with Spock's view of the sidwalk that ends because we are still waiting to hear from Spock, last time we did he was waiting in Los Angeles for his next host to return from a trip. I hope he turns up soon.

Thanks again Mario for the tour of Davis California. Mario has a great toy blog and if you haven't you should check it out, it's called A Year of Toys. I thought I bought a lot of toys, I really like his format where he has been documenting all his toys he buys throughout the year.

Well, until we hear from Spock I'll be trying to post some more of my other features. If I do not hear from him in a few more weeks I have a plan, so do not worry Spockcation will continue. Remeber, Live Long and Prosper.


LEon said...

Mario was one great host! Nice photos taken too!

Bubbashelby said...

Great pics! I love the "where the sidewalk ends" one!