Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Popular Vote!

In the three franchises that I collect, there is always a stand out vehicle, which I believe to also be the most popular vehicles in pop culture. So I thought for an upcoming feature I would do a weeks worth of posts about one of the vehicles above. All will be from the Eclectorama collection, and I believe I have enough of each to make five days worth of posts.

So make sure you vote in the poll and in the following weeks the most popular of the bunch will get a week dedicated to them alone.

May the best ride win!


Brian A said...

Cool idea!!

However, if the Batmobile doesn't win, you'll find me in a corner...sobbing uncontrollably.

Just keep that in mind and let your conscience weigh the cost if "Batmobile Week" doesn't happen.

You know...speaking of Batmobiles, somebody should start a blog about the Batman Animated toys. ;)

LEon said...

I think the winner would be...
"I had a bad feeling about this" if you know what I mean. ;)