Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heres Ackbar!

"Oh Ackbar, you so crazy!"

Okay since I'm putting up some vintage figures I thought I would post another "find".

"I have a stick too!"

Have you ever been sitting at the computer and get the notion to do a search for an off the wall figure on Ebay, only to find it for cheap? Then you find yourself bidding on said figure and a week or two later it comes in the mail and you are like "What the ???"

No? Never? Well that's the story of Ackbar here. When he arrived I opened the package and my wife said "Really, Ackbar?, you needed that?"

Why of course I do, it's Admiral Ackbar for crying out loud! Of course you know I have plans for this guy, he might be my travel buddy, or welcome wagon to new figures... who knows.


Mario! said...

Everybody needs Ackbar!

LEon said...

If I were you, my reply will be "It's a TRAP!!!" LOL

by the way, what's that stick for anyway?

Bubbashelby said...

Happens to me all the time - but be's a Trap!

chunky B said...

LEon, I don't know what the stick is for, I guess it's like a baton.

Mario, I agree, and since I never had a vintage Ackbar all the better!

BS, all too true

Brian A said...

I'm just impressed that your wife knew the good Admiral's name...

I fall prey to the same thing, too. It's like an addiction. I basically have to stay off ebay unless I have a little money to spend.