Friday, January 22, 2010

Spock Stop 11: Banner, WY

Wow! I never really thought Spockcation would go past Christmas, but it looks like it will be going well into 2010. That's even with not accepting anymore hosts. We have closed down taking new hosts and are going to keep it at what we have for now. Let Spock finish this initial trip, I do have one last stop planned at the end, but you'll have to stick around and see where that is. But, we are getting way ahead of ourselves, Spock still has quite a list of people he is visiting and plenty more stops to take use through 2010.

So, when we last left Spock he was traveling during the holidays, I think he may have missed celebrating Christmas. That's okay because the stop after this one may have an After Christmas Celebration planned, we'll see.

This stop though was with Nate, another member of the Mego Museum. I like that we have hosts from other blogs, the Mego Forums and then just fans of Spock or Trek or even toys. Makes for a nice demographic.

Well, without holding up the Spock Train, lets get to Spockcation! Now heading into 2010, where no Spock has gone before!

Looks like Spock stepped through The Guardian of Forever

Good thing Nate new where to pick up some clothes so Spock would fit in!

I think someone should warn Spock that he cannot hunt Buffalo.

Spock takes in the sites at the State Park.

Looking for a Close Encounter at Devil's Tower.

This statue reminds Spock of his pet when he was a boy on Vulcan.

"Giddy Up!"

"See ya'll next time, ya'll Live Long and Prosper, ya hear."

Oh, and of course Spock partied like it was 2009.

Thanks again Nate for playing host for Spock in Wyoming! He looks like he had a great time and also like he blended in well with the locals. Sorry if he drank all your liquor, I thought I had told him before leaving on his trip to take it in moderation.

We'll see ya'll next time for more Spockcation. As Spock put it Live Long and Prosper, ya hear.


LEon said...

These are interesting photos!

Bubbashelby said...

Spock rocks. Loving the continued coverage of his vacation!

puppatoons said...

I think this is my favorite entry yet!!